Hello and welcome to Jewelry on the Rocks!

I make unique jewelry for women and men who see the world a little differently, who appreciate quality materials and excellent workmanship combined in imaginative designs that focus on a connection in harmony with the natural world.

The birthstone for December is scintillating tanzanite. This sparkling lavender blue gemstone is pleochroic with subtle color changes depending on the angle light enters and leaves the stone. Tanzanite is fairly rare so jewelry made with it is highly sought after. It is relatively new to the gemstone trade. I offer a selection of tanzanite as well as a host of interesting and unique items for any gift giving occasion.Here is a preview of a few of my favorites.

Butterfly Rock Pendant Necklace Copper Anklet, Byzanite Roses Chain Mail Dark Oxidized Sterling Silver Rhodonite Earrings

I have a passion for wire wrapping and a strong interest in using mixed metals to create designs that enhance the human experience, bringing mystique to both genders.

I prefer gems with interesting optical properties; the flash of labradorite and rainbow moonstone, the fire of precious opal, the intriguing color shift of pleochroic stones like andalusite, iolite and alexandrite make my heart soar with the possibilities inherent in the act of showcasing their beauty.

My designs are usually inspired in some way by my background in art, science and my love of gardening and nature.

My name is Margaret, welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy your visit. Jewelry on the Rocks is a mirror site for my ArtFire shop, bohowirewrapped where you can see more of my hand crafted wire wrapped jewelry.

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